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  • U-Heft (for kids)

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    upload of prescription (file format: jpg, png or pdf, maximum file size: 10 MB)) We are legally obliged to check the validity of medical prescriptions before starting the therapy. If you have a prescription, please scan it or take a picture and upload it here. Please bring the original prescription with you to your first appointment. Thank you very much!

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    Theralingua treats both adults and children. We cover all clinical pictures (disorders). You can count on us for all matters of speech and language therapy. In each of our practices we have at least one therapist who can take care of you.

    We currently offer 3,000 hours of treatment a month. We learn something new ourselves every day and aspire to improve ourselves every day.

    Due to our high workload, there may be waiting times for an appointment with us. We apologize for this. If it happens that we put you on the waiting list, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an initial diagnosis and a first appointment with you.

    Thank you for your trust!

    At this point we would like to thank our patients for their years of trust in our speech therapists, our company and our therapies.

    See you soon in one of our practices,

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